• Groundhog Day With Punxsutawney PhilThousands of people packed Punxsutawney this morning to find out what Phil had to say this Groundhog Day (Much to their dismay -- 6 more weeks of winter!)
  1. Zeyin says:

    Great Website Beau! Love the shot with the veil fnyilg out -you should win something with that.

  2. Corvus says:

    When I lived in NYC, I think it was Tuesdays that one could walk in and pseernt a portfolio for review. One Tuesday I was rejected from 11 galleries. It was easier to cope with the rejection after a few martinis. I still send stuff out and rejections far outweigh the acceptances. I don’t take it personally anymore, I accept that it is a business. Sometimes my work may fit in with the gallery but they may also have 1 or 2 other artists working in a similar style and don’t really need another. For me it’s like entering juried shows, it’s all a crap shoot.You’ve got the skill now it may just be a matter of timing. Hang in there Tracy, your work is good and you will find the right market. Better to have a gallery that really believes in you because they will work harder for you.

  3. Tracy says:

    Cheers for antoher great post — it’s really nice to see such a detailed discussion of the nuts and bolts. It is funny how the rejections and acceptances ebb and flow. A good friend of mine is an author, and he amassed a stack of 30 some-odd rejections in a row, only to then turn around and have 6 acceptances for publication in the space of a few months. My own ratio is pretty positive, but the galleries where I have or will be showing are owned by people I had some previous relationship with, either through them visiting my studio, or personal contacts with other artists, etc. I’m inclined to agree with Lisa that a lack of rejections probably means I’m not casting the net widely enough, which is certainly the case, at least geographically.Oh, and I really like the bug.

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