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Produced by Wayfarer Entertainment in association with SoulPancake, My Last Days is an
uplifting documentary series about life, as told by courageous people living with a terminal illness.
The award-winning docu-series first streamed on SoulPancake in 2013, quickly becoming an
international viral sensation and one of the most watched YouTube documentary series of all time.
Season Twoof My Last Daystransitioned to The CW network, where it aired on television asthe
flagship property of the network’s brand new CWGOOD philanthropic platform. Now, Season
Three ofthe seriesisset to air on The CW Network on May 25th 2018, introducing audiences
around the country to the newest members ofthe My Last Daysfamily: Marinda, Anthony, Bob,
Ellie and Diane (see their bios below).

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MY LAST DAYS, an uplifting documentary series about life as told by courageous people living with a terminal illness, will return for its second installment as a three-night special event, Friday, May 25 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT), Friday, June 1 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT), and Friday, June 8 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT), on The CW. Created by and featuring JANE THE VIRGIN star Justin Baldoni, season three of MY LAST DAYS features the compelling stories of five courageous individuals, who remind us that having a limited amount of time doesn’t mean we can’t make a positive impact on the world.

“When I first started this series five years ago, I never could have imagined it would have come this far,” said Baldoni. “This season of MY LAST DAYS quite literally changed my life.  And with so much noise across the country at the moment, I hope families will take the time to come together and watch these incredible stories.”



The inspiring people featured in MY LAST DAYS include:

Marinda Davis is a choreographer and master teacher dedicated to opening hearts and
breaking barriers through dance. Struggling since childhood with a range of unidentified
health issues, Marinda was diagnosed with seven autoimmune diseases and told that she
wouldn’t live past the age of forty. But Marinda is much more than the sum of her
illnesses. A dancer from the moment she tried on her first pair of ballet slippers, she’s
danced professionally for Sting and 98 Degrees, and choreographed for some of the top
studios and schools around the world. And while Marinda can’t physically dance
anymore, she’s channeled her passion into a spectacular contemporary dance show
entitled UNbreakable. Loosely based on the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of
grief, UNbreakable tells the story of Marinda’s emotional and physical journey with
illness, and highlights the resilience of the human spirit.

Anthony Carbajal is a passionate street photographer who’s now unable to even lift
his camera. Diagnosed with ALS attwenty-six, Anthony learned thatthe nerve cells in
hisbrainandspinal cordwereslowly dyingandwouldeventually resulting in complete
paralysis. But despite his diagnosis, Anthony was determined to find a way to keep
enjoying his love of photography. With the help of friends and family, Anthony
developedauniquemount onthe armrestof hiswheelchairthat couldenablehimtotake
photosonthemove,transforming his wheelchair from a symbol of his limitations into
a way of connecting with people and destroying social boundaries. In 2013, Anthony
made a YouTube videofortheALSIceBucketChallenge thatwentviralovernightwith
17 million views, resulting in over six million dollars being donated in his name to
ALS research. Athis core,Anthony believesthatwhileALS isstealing hisstrength,it’s
not stealing his happiness, a sentiment he loves sharing with his family, friends and
subjects in front of the lens.

Bob Charland is a real life superhero with a heart of gold. At forty-four years old, Bob’s
living with a neurodegenerative brain disease caused by injuries he sustained working
a second job as a bouncer and bodyguard. And while Bob’s days are numbered, all he
wants to do is give back to the community that’s alwayssupportedhim.Soonafterhis
terminal diagnosis,Bob started Pedal Thru Youth, a non-profit that fixes old bicycles
and donates them to underprivileged youth. An auto mechanic for the past twenty
years, Bob personally restores bicycles late into the evening after his day job,
tightening wheels, adjusting seats and positioning handlebars. What started as a
passion project has mushroomedintoacommunityphenomenon,resultinginhundreds
of bicycles donated, even earning Bob the nickname “The Bike Guy.” Bob’s ultimate
goal is to promote positivity in the lives children by encouraging them to put down
their phones, leave the couch, and get outside.

Ellie Boloori Oben is a mother, and community leader who was diagnosed with breast
cancer in 2012. As a lifelong Baha’i, Ellie took solace in her faith as the disease
progressed, believing cancer was a reminder that the impermanence of life is what truly
gives it meaning. Ellie met her illness with the same fighting spirit she carried
throughout her life, with only one goal in mind – living as long as possible so she could
be there for her young son Jalen, the light of her life. After being given only two weeks
to live, Ellie’s final wish was to host a celebrationoflifesoshecouldsurroundherself
withfriends and family and say goodbye with a smile. Ellie’s ultimate hope is that all
people can live happily, joyfully, and kindly.

Diane Nguyen is a twenty-six year old turtle aficionado whose quirky sense of humor
and tenacity for life have given her the strength to surpass every doctor’s prognosis.
Living in Arizona with her husband, Long, and two turtles, Mac and Cheese, Diane was
diagnosed with terminal leukemia in 2012 and given only eight months to live. But
instead of worrying about what may be to come, Diane has focused on positivity and
humor, seeking to transform something ugly into something beautiful. Diane is all about
celebrating the little moments that matter most, and cherishing every minute she hasleft
with the love of her life.

Extended episodes of MY LAST DAYS will be available on The CW’s digital vertical
dedicated to giving back, CWGOOD, which was created in partnership with Wayfarer
Entertainment in 2016. CWGOOD highlights impactful stories that raise awareness for a number
of charitable causes that CW stars and fans care about, with content that will both entertain and
inspire. MY LAST DAYS was created by Justin Baldoni, with episodes directed by Baldoni,
Ahmed Musiol and Farhoud Meybodi, produced by Wayfarer Entertainment, in association
with SoulPancake, with executive producers Justin Baldoni, Rainn Wilson,
Ahmed Musiol, Farhoud Meybodi and Sam Baldoni.


Three-Part Documentary Event ‘My Last Days’ returns May 25th!

“MY LAST DAYS” An Uplifting Docu-series Created by JANE THE VIRGIN Star Justin Baldoni, Returns to The CW Friday, May 25! View the trailer here:   About My Last Days Produced by Wayfarer Entertainment in association with SoulPancake, My Last Days is an uplifting documentary series about life, as told by courageous people living with […]


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