THE 100 - “Reapercussions” When Clarke (Eliza Taylor) discovers a horrifying project being carried out in Mount Weather’s medical ward, she joins forces with an unlikely ally.
THE 100 “Unity Day”
THE 100 - "Contents Under Pressure"
Tune In To The 100 Season FinaleIn The 100 season finale: Clarke tries to get Bellamy to make the right choice as the conflicts on the ground come to a breaking point; Bellamy forces Octavia to make a tough choice...
THE 100 - “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”
"The 100" Cast | Where Are They From?
THE 100 - “Pilot” Ninety-seven years ago, nuclear Armageddon decimated planet Earth, destroying civilization. The only survivors were the 400 inhabitants of 12 international space stations that were in orbit at the time. Three generations have been born in space, the survivors now number 4,000, and resources are running out on their dying “Ark.”

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