Pittsburgh Music Scene Spotter: Mega Def 101

The roots of the music scene in Pittsburgh run very deep and go way back to the time of sock hops and conk hairdos. Many musicians from every era and genre since then have made […]


Pittsburgh - Music Lessons - Feature

Music Lessons In Pittsburgh

Are you an aspiring musician, or do you know someone who is? If you have always wanted to learn to drum, or to DJ, or to improve your vocal range, now is a great time to learn how.


Tunes From Gossip Girl

I always love the different music featured on Gossip Girl. It keeps my iPod fresh :) Here are selections from last night’s episode! Enjoy HERE! Speaking of Gossip Girl, look and see which star went […]


‘Attack Attack’ New Music Video Premiere

Check out ‘Attack Attack’s’ NEW music video called ‘Smokahontas!!’ What do you guys think?? Check it out!!