The Royal WHATEVER. Am I right? *high fives everyone*

12 observations/facts/comments on the Royal Wedding of 2011

1. To settle his nerves, Prince William sang “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King to himself…while, Prince Harry was practicing the Funky Chicken.

2. Hope u liked the dress because ladies and gentlemen, u will see that dress at every wedding for the next 20 years.

3. I bet the Queen listened to “Born This Way” on her way to Westminster.

4. If they would’ve performed “Somebody’s Getting Married” from Muppets Take Manhattan, I’m pretty sure I’d move there.

5. Ok, Where was Slytherin sitting?

6. You know ANY blooper there would have totally won money on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

7. Britain wants to constantly look like the beginning and end of a classic Disney movie in big moments. #Showoffs

8. I’m still waiting for Jabba the Hutt to kidnap Kate and shove Wills into a carbonite plank?

9. Gotta be honest, I’d probably take direct orders from any British kid in a uniform.

10. I heard Frodo is the ring bearer…

11. In honor of today, I think I’ll eat an english muffin.

12 . I sort of feel like we’re all married now… I love you all very much.


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