“Pretty Little Things,” the soon-to-be-released, first feature film to be written and produced entirely by Point Park University students had a second sneak preview Friday Night,  February 24th, before it begins it’s festival tour and Pittsburgh’s CW intern Kaitlin Pais was on hand to review it.


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Kaitlin Pais

Pretty Little Things Movie Review


Movie-goers packed the seats in the George Rowland White Theater at Point Park’s University Center to see the second screening of Pretty Little Things on February 24. The movie, written, produced and directed by 22-year-old Point Park senior Alex DiMarco, is a compelling story about a rising comedian and family man who loses everything after a 10-year prison sentence for illegal involvement in narcotics.

Upon his return to society, the man, Tommy “Funny Man” Fulmer (Mike Reeping) is determined to get a second chance at life and family again. However, his twenty-something daughter wants nothing to do with him after his absence. Jeff (Theo Mahony) a restaurant owner offers Tommy a job, a place to stay and guidance.

 The kindness and understanding that Jeff shows Tommy allows Tommy to believe in the world again. Jeff has a strong sense of passion for doing the right thing. Mahony’s portrayal of Jeff is believable and charismatic. But I feel that the viewer is left to wonder Jeff’s personal story and why he cares so much about helping Tommy.

  Tommy finds unexpected comfort in a four legged friend as well as in an optimistic young artist named Deanna (Julia Warner). At first I believed that the dog, abandoned and sick, needs Tommy for hope and survival. But as their journey goes on I came to the realization that they need each other. Tommy and the dog develop a passionate connection.

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Deanna (Warner) allows Tommy to feel care-free about life. Warner’s emotional portrayal of Deanna is contagious throughout the film. She has a way of giving Tommy the grace he needs for a second chance.      

Tommy’s (Reeping) passion for a second chance at life is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is heartbreaking to see his lows and his struggles for balance in his new life.  Regardless of the decisions Tommy has made in the past you will undoubtedly hope and wish for his success at a second chance to become the person he was meant to be. Reeping’s performance is very deep, compelling and emotional.

 Although the movie will leave you uplifted, its portrayal of drug addiction is lacking, simply because it seems that Tommy’s trouble with narcotics ends with his arrest. If there were more scenes showing Tommy’s struggle with drugs, viewers might root for him more, rather than wondering what exactly his involvement with narcotics was. I also wish that there were more scenes with Tommy’s talent agent and friend Mac (Nathan Hollabaugh) because I believe we are left to our own conclusions about their relationship.

  But if you are looking for a story that will make you believe in second chances again, Pretty Little Things is a must see. From the theme of never giving up, to the structure of the main character’s conflict with himself and the others, this film will reach into your heart and pull you in- pull you in to see the Pretty Little Things you might miss every day. 

If you would like to learn more about Pretty Little Things or watch the trailer you can visit the movie’s website at http://www.prettylittlethingsthemovie.com/

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