The stars of “The Vampire Diaries” spilled some hints on Thursday’s CW upfronts about what’s coming up on season four.

Speaking to E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, stars from the hit CW show gave some hints and thoughts on what could be happening this fall on the next season.

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When talking to Ian Somerhalder, who claimed that he had such bad allergies he passed out about 30 minutes into watching the finale, Kristin tired to get some Delena scoop.

So, when she asked if Damon and Elena were “totally done, forever”, Ian teased, “Why would you think that?” Possibly hinting that it definitely is not the end for the couple at all… Plus, he also mentioned how TVD is not predictable at all, hinting that we shouldn’t go with what is in front of us…

As far as Elena being a vampire, Ian thinks that “it would be a lot of fun to see Elena as a vampire.” Then, being the sweet guy that he is, Ian kissed Kristin when she told him how good-looking and “gracious” he was. Not much show spoilage there, but very cute, nonetheless…

Next, Matt Davis, wearing a pair of flashy bright red skinny jeans, mostly spoke about his new show “Cult”. However, when asked by Kristin if we’d see Alaric again on “Vampire Diaries”, he smiled and said, “It’s possible, it’s possible,” and added he actually does know if we will see Alaric again, but teased that he can’t reveal it. This, pretty much confirms that we are going to see him again… yay!

With Stefan being the one Elena ultimately chose, Paul Wesley, had this to say about it “for now, nothing’s for ever… I feel like he deserved it,” but then added that “Stefan and Elena have a lot of history, but I really don’t know what’s going to happen in season 4 and 5 (oooh season 5??)


When asked about what is he hoping to see in season 4 for Stefan, Paul said, “I’m hoping that Stefan still maintains a glimmer of ripper. I don’t want him to become the stereotypical hero again.” Then added that he doesn’t “want him to be a goody-two-shoes. I really want him to maintain a dark side.”

Meanwhile, Nina Dobrev revealed that they first though of having Elena die in the finale and then become a vampire in the season premiere, but “decided it would be a bigger shocker if we did it in the finale.”

As far a the love triangle, Nina hinted about Elena not remembering her choice once she wakes up as a vampire because “she hit her head pretty hard and was in a car accident…” Nina added she really doesn’t know what will go down for sure, but that “there’s a lot of different ways it could go!”

Lastly, Candice Accola spoke about her character Caroline’s relationship with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), admitting that a relationship between them could be fun.

“I really love the dynamic between Caroline and Klaus because it’s very odd,” Caroline said, “it doesn’t make sense at all, and yet it makes perfect sense. It works so well!”


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