In the last few years Pittsburgh has been receiving quite a lot of attention from Hollywood.  We’ve seen a multitude of movie companies come to the Burgh and we welcome their films into our city with open arms.  Type in “List of films shot in Pittsburgh” on Wikipedia and a plethora of titles come up.  You’ll see The Dark Knight Rises, Love and Other Drugs, Warrior, Abduction, One for the Money, The Next Three Days and so on.

The biggest reason why these large-scale productions come to Pittsburgh is to save money on costs.  So when everything is a rap the crews take off to the next location or back to Tinseltown to put the final touches on their masterpieces.  Don’t get me wrong I’m proud our city is getting attention but we’re only being used as a go between to keep costs down.

Gavin Rapp knows the values of what Pittsburgh has to offer and that’s why he didn’t sell his screenplay entitled “Since I Don’t Have You.”   The film is a biopic true-life story that gives the audience a view into the eyes of Rapp as a kid growing up around the popular group The Skyliners.  Rapp’s mother was the female vocalist for the group that is best known for their hit, “Since I Don’t Have You.”

Rapp, a local director and writer decided to flesh out his work of art right in our backyard in places like Aspinwall and Blawnox.  In fact he kept every single piece of his film here from the pre-production process all the way down to the last final graces of care to his ode to life in a rock n’ roll household.

“The whole idea behind the movie was to truly be an independent movie all the way through” said, Rapp confidently.

Harry Frazee portrays one of The Skyliners in the piece and is excited to see the labors of dedication into the final product.

“When you talk about films in Pittsburgh it’s big Hollywood machines coming here and making movies but this movie is truly made here, everything from the financing of the movie to the whole crew was made here in Pittsburgh.  It could have been made somewhere else but it’s all from here and I’m pretty proud of that”.

Frazee believes that Since I Don’t Have You can inspire other writers and directors to step forward and follow a sustainable game plan.

“I’m hoping this film will be the catalyst for other filmmakers to actually do things and to make their movies right here in Pittsburgh.”

If you want to support this homegrown hero you can at the Southside Works Cinema on November 8th.  You can also check out the film on their IMDB page at or on Facebook at


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