Monday, January 27th  –                                                          Show #15081
Just friends? Woman says she and the Defendant were nothing more than friends, but the Defendant insists they were intimately involved!

Tuesday, January 28th–                                                           Show #15082

Woman claims while she and her husband were at the Defendant’s restaurant, a fight ensued because the Defendant refused to fix her order –- and it was all caught on surveillance video!
Wednesday, January 29th –                                                         Show #15083

Prison pen pals! Woman is suing her former friend for a bail bond. The Defendant insists the Plaintiff is obsessed with writing men in prison and was caught smuggling drugs into a prison.

Thursday, January 30th –                                                          Show #15084

Man says after the Defendant hired him to work at her fast food restaurant, she discriminated against him because he is gay. The Defendant claims the Plaintiff’s behavior offended other employees and on his last day, he went crazy!


Friday, January 31st  –                                                            Show #15085

Parents are suing their son for stolen money, overdraft fees and emotional distress. The Defendant admits that instead of going to college, he became a heroin addict and his life spiraled out of control!


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