PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Performance and production are front and center in Point Park’s curriculum. The university has already had a hand in several TV reality shows.

The newest Point Park project is a 10-part documentary, following two directors working from the same script. It’s a competition.

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As for the people who tried out at Nancy Mosser Casting, they don’t care which one they’re in, as long as they’re in one of them.

A camera crew will document the production, beginning to end.

Hollywood producer Chris Moore, who gained acclaim with the film “Good Will Hunting,” became acquainted with the Pittsburgh area while shooting “Promised Land” two years ago.

“When I spoke to colleges in the area,” he says, “Point Park really stood out because it has a hands-on program. You actually learn how to make stuff. You actually touch the camera, instead of sitting around watching movies and talking about them. So, I thought there’d be a lot of graduates and people there who could help us out.

His Point Park liaison is Nelson Chipman, associate professor of cinema arts.


“We have about 39 interns that will sort of move across working on both films,” he says. “So, they’ll be on both film crews as well as the TV production crew. So they’ll be in every department.”

Each director has a budget of $850,000. A reality show?

“In my mind, a reality show is one where you are affecting what is happening,” Moore says. “We’re shooting a documentary and people can do what they want.”

“Then, when the film’s released, audiences will decide which one is the best,” Chipman adds. “And whoever has the best will win a $250,000 filmmakers package.”

Scenes will be shot in Pittsburgh throughout the winter. May the best director win.

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