FRANKLIN PARK (KDKA) — Carmody’s Restaurant has been a Franklin Park mainstay for 62 years.

But longtime customers are saddened by the news that the familiar landmark will close its doors on Saturday.

“Family-owned,” says 20-year customer Paul Sabol. “Very, very friendly place for us to be, and unfortunately, they announced they are closing. I’m very disappointed.”

A family member told us this is an emotional time, and they don’t want to talk about it. But others we spoke to in the area said a younger population and rising property values are a sign of the times.

Office buildings, restaurants and a branch of Children’s Hospital have sprung up in the area, almost overnight.

“Lot of good places are closing down,” says repeat customer Krystina Craven. “So, it’s hard”

It’s especially hard for employees, like 22-year chef Joy Knox.

“They were used to being the only restaurant, and then other people came into the area,” she says. “And you’re not making what you’re used to.”

Kevin Langholz, president of the commercial real estate company – Langholz Wilson Ellis, says his firm is developing new businesses in the area.

“Seats have expanded in the market place,” he says. “Both national and retail restaurateurs. So, I’m sure that’s something that takes away some of the gross revenues of smaller and family restaurants. It’s tough out there.”

North Hills newcomers gravitate toward restaurants they know. That list does not include Carmody’s.

“We’re all at a loss,” Knox says. “Just upset.”


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