PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Connect Cards are quickly growing in demand among Port Authority riders.

And where there’s a popular product, fraud is never far behind.

“We became aware of people making copies of fraudulent Connect Cards,” said Detective Kevin Atkins, of the Port Authority Police.

Each card has a serial number, and when the same serial numbers started showing up repeatedly, it got the Port Authority’s attention.

“We know that four individual cards were made use of to make the fraudulent cards, and those have all been shut down,” said Detective Atkins.

Atkins says they have no idea how many illegal cards are out there.

Through video surveillance, police have developed some suspects and arrests could come soon; and it might extend to those using the cards.

Detective Atkins says the frauds are obvious in look and price.

“A Zone 2 monthly pass is $146.50, so if you’re purchasing that for $50, there’s probably something in there that would tell you it might not be the best thing,” Detective Atkins said.

Using one of the frauds would amount to devise fraud, theft and conspiracy.

Unlike card breaches at places like Target, the Port Authority wants you to know these cards contain no personal information, and in no way have any Port Authority customers been compromised.


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