PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Hundreds of students were out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early this weekend at Indiana University of Pennsylvania – many of whom will now face consequences from the borough and university for their raucous actions.

An unofficial IUP St. Patrick’s Day party led to numerous arrests over the weekend.

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Hundreds filled the streets, causing traffic backups.

Indiana Borough Police teamed up with other outside agencies to help maintain the peace.

Numerous arrests were made, most were related to alcohol.

Video taken by students and posted on social media sites like Instagram shows the rowdy scene.
One student jumped on top of a parked car, others got into fights.


Katie Burd, and IUP student said, “I think they were just trying to get a reaction, see what we could get out of the police. And we got a good reaction.”

IUP Spokeswoman Michelle Fryling says the university did what it could to prevent the student-planned party, working with police and even sponsoring an alcohol free “Spring Fling.”

The daylong event wasn’t just IUP students. Hundreds made Indiana their destination this weekend.

Cpl. Justin Schawl of the Indiana Borough Police Department said, “It’s an unofficial IUP student celebration or party. It’s usually all day or all night and it tends to bring in a lot of college aged students from out of town.”

Fryling says any student charged with a crime will face the University’s Judicial System with possible suspension or even expulsion.

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Police are in the process of going through the paperwork to determine just how many people were arrested this weekend.