BLAWNOX (KDKA) – Police have arrested one suspect and are looking for a second in connection with a robbery in Blawnox Wednesday morning.

According to police, two men with knives robbed the Sunoco on Freeport Road around 5 a.m.

Marty Fisher didn’t know what to think when two men wearing masks barged into the store.

Fisher said the Blawnox store has been held up two times in the past two months. However, this robbery was unique because the thieves seemed to know who he was.

“They knew me by name and they said, ‘It’s insured Marty. Don’t do anything to get hurt,’” Fisher said.

After the duo took the cash and close to 20 cartons of cigarettes, Fisher called police.

Officers shut the store down during the investigation.

Police were able to find one of the suspects about 15 minutes later near the intersection of Center Avenue and Fourth Street.

He was found without shoes and a coat. He claimed the other suspect stole his missing clothing items.

“They come up to me, they had a couple knives and they told me to get down. They took my shoes,” the suspect told police as he was being placed in the back of a cruiser.

Police haven’t identified the suspect or what charges he faces.

A description of the second suspect has not been released.


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