ROBINSON (KDKA) — Parents call it a “Head Shop” that sells drug paraphernalia.

The owner says it’s an emporium and wellness center that caters to clients who want high-end water-pipes. However you characterize it, detractors don’t want “Glass Gone Wow” anywhere near their kids.

J.W. Burkett Elementary School is right across the street from “Glass Gone Wow” in Robinson Township.

“I’m very concerned,” PTA President Lisa Smarra told KDKA at Monday night’s Robinson Township Commissioner’s meeting. “I’m not excited about the type of patrons that will be visiting that store. I know what they sell there. I’ve read reviews online about the other store in Cranberry. They’re not good.”

Rick Sallade, owner of “Glass Gone Wow,” has signs posted throughout his store indicating that all merchandise is for tobacco use only.

The board, meanwhile, acknowledges it’s dealing with outdated ordinances. Parents want future zoning restrictions on such businesses. And the commissioners agreed to work on that.

Board Chairman Samuel Abatta told KDKA after the meeting, “Unfortunately, this type of business is a permitted use in this C2 zone. So as far as stopping it, there’s nothing we can do. We have to follow our own ordinances.