PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Is Pittsburgh ready for a men’s underwear store? Thomas West, the owner of “Trim,” says the answer is, “Yes.”

“The first day we opened, we had two bachelorette parties coming in,” he says. “It was like a movie. Underwear was seriously flying everywhere. It was great. They were trying to buy things that their men normally wouldn’t wear, because they wanted to push the limits. They were like, listen, they’re going to wear whatever we buy.”

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Customer Alex Post found the shop through Facebook.

“I’m like a trunk and boxer briefs kind of guy,” he says.

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They have those, too. Business partner Adam Childress helps select an inventory that includes socks, shirts and bathing suits. There’s something for just about everyone.

“We actually had a guy come in the other day, and he wanted to surprise his fiance on their honeymoon,” the owner says. He says his shop has also drawn the attention of wives.

“They come in, and they’re like, I really want to see my husband in this type, you know. How can I do this? What can I get them? So I just take them around we take a look at a few things. So we just take them around, and they get all excited,” he said.

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Pittsburgh angle? One of the prime sellers is boxer shorts in Black and Gold.