On July 10th through 12th, the citizens of  Washington County got together for the annual Whiskey Rebellion Festival.  The three day event takes place every year in the heart of Historic Downtown Washington for patrons to enjoy a parade, historical reenactments, family fun activities, live musical performance and lots of great food more!

photo10 Whiskey Rebellion Festival







The Pittsburgh CW Green Team went down on Saturday for a performance by The Felice Brothers. The New York folk rock band opened with their hit, “I Put Whiskey in my Whiskey,” which brought down the house from the beginning.

photo2 Whiskey Rebellion Festival







Stay tuned for next year’s line up and all the other great thing to see and do at the Whiskey Rebellion Festival on their website:http://whiskeyrebellionfestival.com/Whiskey_Rebellion_Festival/Home.html.



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