The Rachel Carson bridge was taken over by all things pickles during Picklesburgh 2016!  This 2 day Pickle-fest ran from July 15-16 and featured food, live musical entertainment, and fun!  Local restaurants provided food incorporating pickled ingredients, like a pizza boat in a pickle, corn dog pickles, and pickle flavored ice cream!  Informative how-to demos regarding pickling were presented at the demo area.  And the Heinz tent even offered people the chance to vote for their favorite pickle flavor.

In addition to food, some of Pittsburgh’s local bands performed on the BNY Mellon stage to keep the crowd entertained.  Daisy and Chelsea from the Pittsburgh’s CW Green Team emceed the event by giving announcements and introducing the bands.  The Pittsburgh’s CW also had a tent where attendees were able to spin the CW Prize Wheel to win free Flash and iZombie waters and show posters.  The CW tent always had a line, so we were kind of a “big dill”!  😉  On Saturday, Chelsea emceed the Pickle Juice Drinking Contest, which was a crowd favorite!

People were also able to purchase items like event memorabilia, pickle-themed gifts, DIY products and cookbooks at the Official Merchandise tent.  But we had to remind everyone not to forget to get their free pickle pin from the Heinz booth!


Want more information so you can check it out next year?  Visit their website for more info!

20160716 184831 Picklesburgh 2016

CW Prize Wheel



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