PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police have arrested two dancers from Blush and charged them with prostitution and cocaine distribution.

An attorney for Blush tells KDKA they do not condone the behavior. They say they fired the two women involved, and they’re cooperating with the police investigation.

Even so, it was an undercover sting that led to a raid earlier this week. Police arrested two of the dancers – 27-year-old Austacia McConville and 27-year-old Ashley Ugoletti. They’re accused of offering a man sex for $1,200 on his birthday. For another $100, they’d throw in some cocaine.

But it turns out the man celebrating his birthday was an undercover cop.

Blush has been a fixture at Ninth and Penn for decades, where topless women dance on stage. It was formerly known as Club Ed. Before that, it was the Edison Hotel. And they’ve had their share of trouble over the years.

The club has been busted for drugs and prostitution before. Police have been called there several times for fights, and they had to pay more than $800,000 out to the dancers in a class action lawsuit that said they weren’t paying the dancers enough.