With tools like the Goodwill Halloween Look Book and online make-up tutorials, Goodwill provides the ultimate resource for your Halloween costume search.

Watch below as Chelsea from Pittsburgh’s CW Green Team demonstrates just how easy it is to use the Look Book to find a one-of-a-kind costume at Goodwill.

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Step 1: Visit your location Goodwill Store. For a full list of their 33 locations, click here.

Step 2: Go to the register or front counter and ask to see the Look Book. Or you can check it out online here.

Step 3: Browse through the Look Book and pick a costume idea to execute.

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Step 4: Use the checklist from the Look Book to shop for costume pieces. Goodwill has a huge assortment of both new and used items to choose from to complete your costume.

In the video above, Chelsea uses the Look Book for inspiration to put together a Zodiac/Aquarius Costume.

In order to complete the look, she needed the following:

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  •  A flowy skirt
  • A water pitcher
  • A blue/watery scarf to fill the pitcher
  • Blue/Aqua shashes or scarfs or represent water
  • A nature-inspired headband

Step 5: Put all the items together and voilà! You’re ready for Halloween.