Don’t miss the series premiere of the CW’s newest show – LIFE SENTENCE – starring Lucy Hale!

9pm Wednesday, March 7 on Pittsburgh’s CW

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Stella has spent the last eight years living like she was dying (because she was).  But when Stella finds out that her cancer has been cured, she is suddenly forced to face the long-term consequences of the “live in the moment” decisions she made.  Turns out, because she was dying, everyone in her family hid their problems from her.  But, now that she’s well, all bets are off.  With a real future suddenly in front of her, Stella’s cinematic life snaps into reality, and instead of living like she’s dying, she will have to learn to live like she’s living, and help her family and friends do the same.  This multi-generational, coming-of-age story proves that we will all end up somewhere between our dreams and reality…and maybe that’s okay.