Check out what’s coming up on our next show CHRISTMAS DAY 12/25 on JP Roofing FAN N’ATION with Hosts Daisy Jade and Rich Walsh: 

-It’s a Fan N’ATion Christmas, and Pittsburgh Santa makes an appearance

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-Meet the 412’s jolliest Pittsburgh sports fans from the Stiller Gang tailgate

-Check out Rich Walsh’s new Pitt tattoo from Black Armor Tattoo

-A viral Yinzer sensation who’s definitely on the naughty list – Twitter account Epitome of a Yinzer 

-Rod Woodson’s special gift to a fan (Greg Leaper)

-BTS with 412 Rock Star Scott Blasey from the Clarks to hear his Pittsburgh Sports stories

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-Talking Steelers trees with Behind the Steel Curtain

-The recipe for Nick’s Mistletoe, a Chrismas cocktail recipe from Bob’s Garage

-Daisy joins Scott Blasey in singing a holiday song…any guesses which one?

Watch Saturday at 7:30 pm on KDKA-TV or live stream on CBSN Pittsburgh on Or watch an encore episode at 11 pm on Pittsburgh’s CW! Set your DVRs…You won’t want to miss it!

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