Beginning on August 15, Carnegie Mellon University has brought back its mask requirement on campus. KDKA's Andy Sheehan has the story.

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Carnegie Mellon University Reinstating Mask RequirementsBeginning on August 15, Carnegie Mellon University has brought back its mask requirement on campus. KDKA's Andy Sheehan has the story.
Local Man Discusses The Importance Of SMA Awareness MonthPTL's Celina Pompeani is visiting with Nick Sinagra, who calling attention to SMA Awareness Month. Nick is living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, but has never let him hold him back!
Understanding The Pressures On AthletesDr. Aimee Kimball, if KPEX Consulting, talks with us about the pressures on athletes and who we can be understanding and help them through the tough times.
Combatting Fatigue During The Day (Pt. 2)So, you feel sleepy during the day, but how can you combat that feeling and get a good night's sleep? John Shumway spoke with AHN sleep specialist Dr. Amit Chopra about how to make sure you get a good night's sleep and don't feel fatigued.
Combatting Fatigue During The Day (Pt. 1)Do you feel sleepy in the middle of the day? Of course you do - it's a common feeling! John Shumway reached out to a local sleep specialist on how to combat that mid-day tiredness.
Leslie Davis Named New President And CEO Of UPMCThe UPMC Board Of Directors has voted unanimously to name Leslie Davis as the next president and CEO of the healthcare giant.
Transformation Tuesday: Eliminating Sugary DrinksIn this month's Transformation Tuesday, wellness and nutrition coach Jackie Hale is talking beverage swap! How to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet and replace them with a healthy option!
UPMC, Pitt Studying COVID-19 Vaccine Impacts On PregnancyUPMC Magee Womens Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh are taking part in a study looking at the impacts of the COVID-19 vaccine on pregnancy.
Eye On Health: Weight LossIn today's Eye On Health segment, PTL's Mikey Hood is talking with Dr. Fahad Zubair, the medical director of AHN's Obesity and Weight Loss department, about losing pounds and living a healthy lifestyle.
Delta Variant, Back To School, And Misinformation (Pt. 2)With the delta variant spreading across the country, when students go back to school, should they wear masks? KDKA's John Shumway speaks with Dr. David Agus about that question.
Delta Variant, Back To School, And Misinformation (Pt. 1)As families prepare to send their students back to school, the big questions looms: should students be wearing masks? KDKA's John Shumway reached out to Dr. David Agus for some answers.
Pfizer Issues Recall For Chantix DrugPfizer has issued a recall for Chantix, a drug used to help people stop smoking.
Aubrey Worek's Quick And Effective WorkoutsPittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani learns some quick and effective workout and yoga moves from fitness guru Aubrey Worek to keep you in shape this summer.
Reporter Update: New Sensory Room Helping Children In Washington Co.KDKA's Amy Wadas reports from Washington County where a new sensory room has opened for children living with disabilities and a facility called, Your Child's Place.
No COVID-19 Related Deaths Reported In Allegheny Co. For A WeekAllegheny County has gone one week since reporting a COVID-19 related death.
The Health Benefits Of ChocolateChocolate can be good for you, even if eaten daily, according to a registered dietician KDKA's John Shumway spoke to.
Pfizer To Request Authorization For Third COVID-19 Vaccine DoseOn Thursday, Pfizer announced plans to request FDA authorization for a third COVID-19 vaccination dose in August. KDKA's Lindsay Ward breaks down what this means for those who have been vaccinated.
Doctor Credits Vaccine With Keeping Man Alive Who Contracted Delta VariantDr. Amesh Adalja of Johns Hopkins says that a Beaver County man who contracted the COVID-19 Delta Variant despite being vaccinated, is alive today because the vaccine helped fight the virus. KDKA's John Shumway has the story.
UPMC Study Shows Vaccines Not Helping ImmunocompromisedA new study from UPMC is showing that the current COVID-19 vaccines are not adequately helping those who are immunocompromised.
Sugar & Sweets Part 2: Substitutes, Nutrition, And No ShameWhile you may be tempted to shame yourself for enjoying a snack, something sweet, or with lots of sugar, it's actually more harmful to try to hide it rather than be up front about it. KDKA's John Shumway spoke with Leslie Bonci about how you can still enjoy sweets and be smart about it.
Sugar & Sweets Part 1: Taking A Sensible ApproachDo you find yourself constantly craving something sweet, something with chocolate or lots of sugar? That's natural and as KDKA's John Shumway learned from Leslie Bonci, it's not a bad thing!
Transformation Tuesday: Cutting Added Sugar From Your DietIn this week's Transformation Tuesday, wellness expert Jackie Hale has advice on how to cut added sugar from your diet.
Ask Dr. G: Unmasking And The Mental Health ImpactsWe're chatting with resiliency expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa about the mental health impacts of masks coming off and more people having the COVID-19 vaccine.
Medical Expert Stresses The Risks Of The Delta VariantCBS News Medical Expert Dr. David Agus spoke with KDKA's John Shumway about the dangers the Delta Variant poses, especially with young children.

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